Our 3 favourite cleaning life hacks…

We love a good life hack – it’s the little things that add up to an easier life! Here are our favourite 3 that we turn to again and again..

  1. Cleaning Blinds. Really is there anything more tedious than individually battling with the slats in your blinds? Make life a whole lot quicker and easier by grabbing an old sock and some vinegar! Make up a bowl of 50:50 water and vinegar. Slip the sock on your hand, dip in the solution and just wipe over your blinds. Hey presto! You can also use a dry sock after to lift off residue.
  2. Microwaves. If they are left too long, the food splatters really cake on and you’re left scraping and scrubbing to get things back in order. Scrub no more – use up your turning citrus fruit (lemons/limes etc) by slicing in half and putting into a bowl of water. Pop the bowl and halved fruit in your microwave for around 6 mins (microwave power varies so adjust accordingly). The acid and steam combo will make any stuck on food simply slide off with a piece of kitchen paper. This is brilliant as you can leave it while you get on with other things too (like putting kettle on).
  3. Carpet stains. Anyone with kids and/or pets knows that mysterious carpet stains show up frequently, and have us all reaching for a chemical to try and remove it. Try this nifty trick with your iron – Spray the offending stain with a mix of water and vinegar (2 parts water – 1 part vinegar). Lay a damp rag over the stain, then iron the rag with the steam setting for around 30 seconds (longer if a really tough stain). When you lift the rag up, the stain will come with it!